Payment methods

Orders for personal use

Online orders via this webshop can be paid via Ideal or Paypal. By clicking on one of the payment options, you will be automatically transferred to the website of the relevant payment system.

Orders Nyenrode employees

Nyenrode employees can order merchandise through Nyenrode's purchasing program. This is only possible with deliveries to an address of Nyenrode.

Points of sale Nyenrode Breukelen and Amsterdam

You can purchase products directly at Nyenrode Service Desk Breukelen (Receptie Hoofgebouw - dr. Albert Heijn-gebouw, Straatweg 25 Breukelen) and Amsterdam (Receptie Keizersgracht 285 Amsterdam). You can pay with debit card and credit card. For more information and available stock, please contact the points of sale.

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