Bottle of white wine - Di Giovanna Gerbino Bianco

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  • Country/region of origin: Italy/ Sicily
  • Winery: Di Giovanna
  • Grape variety: 70% chardonnay, 15% grillo, 15% viognier
  • Closure: cork
  • Content: 750 ml
  • Rating De Grote Hamersma: 8.5

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From the Sicilian winery Di Giovanna. The vineyards are located in the middle of Monte Genuardo, a protected nature reserve in western Sicily. The vineyards have been owned by one and the same family for five generations. Gunther and Klaus are the current generation. The names are not very Italian, because their mother Barbara is of German descent.

In this wine a nice interplay between the chardonnay, grillo and viognier. The wine is fruity (lime, apple, apricot), mineral, floral. With slightly more roundness than the 2019. Ideal wine with fish.

De Grote Hamersma: “Gunther and Klaus, the current generation is called Di Giovanni. That doesn't sound very Italian, and it's true. Their mother was German, hence. They are also thoroughly Italian. With five generations of winemaking in the blood. They know every vine from oats to barley, there on their idyllic domain in a nature reserve in western Sicily. This white, which is clearly called Bianco, consists of 70% soft fruity chardonnay, enriched with the sultry blossom scents of 15% viognier, and provided with zest and spice by the Sicilian grillo, which is clearly present despite a share of only 15%. But that is of course also helped by the Sicilian soil, and the Sicilian winemakers, no matter how German their first names are.”

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